Monday, January 26, 2009


Here I am again. This week is a blank slate that I must fill with so many tasks to do. Today, no matter what else I get done or don't, I will go to the gym, or exercise in some way during the day. It's been over 1 1/2 years since I've been there, but with working on my health, when I don't have work, it's to become a priority - exercise.

Another priority is submitting at least (if not more) one poem a month to a publication. It's a line I've been standing at for years and have not crossed - yet.

Before the end of this month/week - only a few days away - I will make rough drafts of curriculum for Upward Bound summer programs and call colleges and universities to see which of them have UB programs. I will apply for them in February or March, whenever the openings are posted. Even though I'm moving to a less expensive place, I want to be in the habit of not sitting back and waiting until the last minute to find

From this moment forward motivation is the key to my life in health, work, or any other area. No New Year's Resolutions, just healthy mind, body, and soul goals.

Cheetahs are not lazy animals. They have to fight for their food. I love cheetahs as a motivational type of animal, so I need to be like one and fight for my survival and forward motion.

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